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Well, at least for me, it’s probably water. Most of the images I make when not on assignment do have water somewhere, even if it’s only dewdrops! Because of this, much of my fine art work tends to lean towards the nautical.

Nature photography has been serious business for me for nearly 20 years. About 10 years ago, a friend from camera club had to unexpectedly move out of the area, so as a favor I took over her remaining commissions for weddings & portraits. To my surprise, I loved it. My favorite is outdoor family portraits. What better place to do family images than in their own backyard, or cottage or boat or . . . you get the idea.

The first digital camera arrived at cREEations in 2000. More followed as soon as I could arrange it. I’m totally digital now. It allows so much more freedom - in expression and retouching. Being able to project presentations full size on the wall is so much more satisfying than tiny proofs for the family getting the photos.

I’m really excited about the canvas gallery wrap prints! They look so good. I’ve found a place that prints them exactly the way that I do -- on Epson printers with pigment ink, and using the same canvas. They even spray with an ultraviolet protectant spray like I do. Now I can confidently say that the canvases I sell will last a lifetime. With my partnership vendor, I can offer large sized wall art! You’ll love the canvas panoramic picture of the Blue Water Bridges: it’s five feet long by two feet deep. I’ve also prepared panoramic canvases of the Mackinac Bridge and the Blue Water Bridges at night.

Please visit my galleries. I’d love it if some of the images need to be on your walls! If there’s something special to you that you don’t see, just ask. Chances are I have it someplace; and if not, I’d be glad to make the photograph for you.

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